Shark Week Shenanigans

Shark Week is just around the corner so lets talk shenanigans. Discovery Channel always comes up with some pretty cool partners. Granted, I don’t always pay attention to what companies are doing what for Shark Week, but this week when I seen something titled “Sharks on a Plane” I had to check it out.

Seems Discovery and Southwest Airlines put together a custom Shark Week Boeing 747 for Shark Week a few years back and they are pulling it out again this year complete with in flight Shark Week programming and a sweepstakes to see sharks in the Cayman Islands. You can read the press release here.

Next up we have Stone Cold Creamery. Yea, I know, they are a bit on the expensive side for ice cream, but just think about it, you get to pick what goes in it and they mix it up right there in front of you. If you have never been, it’s something I recommend you experience once. For Shark Week they have two very tasty looking creations that I think we can all get behind. Two words. Gummy Sharks!


Something that confused me more than Southwest Airlines, was Great Clips. How in the world can a  hair salon promote Shark Week? I was thinking that they would be giving special shark themed hair cuts. Just let your imagination run wild with that because I really don’t know what I was thinking there. From their website: “Just download our free Great Clips Online Check-In app for iOS in the App store or Android from the Play store, and for every app downloaded from July 1-31, 2017, Great Clips will donate $1 to Oceana* (up to $10,000) for shark conservation.”

This is one that I was hoping would be brought back because I was seriously considering shelling out $98 just because I wanted one bracelet out of a set of 6. I am not sure what Lokai markets themselves as. A friend of mine suggest a lifestyle company but I don’t think that cuts it. They aren’t exactly a jewelry store since they sell other things. Anyway, they have these cool bracelets that have a single white bead and a single black bead. The white bead contains water from the Mount Everest (the highest place on Earth) and the black bead contains dirt from the Dead Sea (the lowest place on Earth) to remind of us life’s highs and lows and the need for balance.

They come in different colours to support different charities and $1 from each bracelet goes to charity. They have teamed up, again, with Discovery and Oceana and come up with a cool Shark Week edition of the bracelet.

Yes, this is the one I want. Lokai hasn’t updated their website where you can buy the bracelet ($18 USD) directly from them but there are a number of retailers that have them. Silver Accents, Hannoush Jewlers, and Amazon. I am sure there are other places online but these are the three that I found quickly. The Amazon link goes to the Amazon Lokai store.

Another company that I hadn’t heard of until now is Live Love Polish. They make completely non-toxic and environmentally friend nail polish. They have come up with an entire line of Shark Week products for your nails.

You can buy the entire set or the items individually. The nail polishes are holographic and called Shark Skin and Shark After Dark.

And then there is Ubisoft and the app games, Hungry Shark World and Hungry Shark Evolution. You can’t have Shark Week (or anything) without an app game, because what better way to spend your time while stuck in line somewhere, waiting at the doctors office, or just because you are bored? I have already downloaded these because they are the sort of crazy games I play on my tablet. The idea is to keep your shark from going hungry by feeding it anything and everything…and I do mean everything including divers and beach goers. Having the ability to feed your shark beach goers and divers doesn’t do much to improve the image of sharks, but we all have that sadistic side that giggles for glee while doing this.


There are a lot more things going on for Shark Week, but this is just the stuff that got my attention, and much of it falls under shenanigans…especially those app games. I’m always up for shenanigans. I highly recommend checking out all the sponsors of Shark Week, especially Oceana to see what they are doing for ocean conversation, since we need our oceans to sustain all life.

I almost forgot, the United States Post Office is also releasing gorgeous shark stamps this year on July 26 in the middle of Shark Week. They are currently available for pre-order.

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